Das Nudel Ding

With products from its own production, Nudel Ding offers you the taste and the experience of an authentic Chinese noodle bar.

Why is Das Nudel Ding called Das Nudel Ding?
Because everything (“Ding” in German) revolves around our homemade noodles (called “Nudeln” in German), and because this is a little wordplay involving the Chinese general manager’s last name which just happens to be Ding.

Top-10 in Frankfurt We are very pleased about being ranked fourth in the Top Asian Restaurants in “Frankfurt geht aus” restaurant guide!

We look forward to your visit.
The team from Das Nudel Ding

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Vegetarian Dishes

Soups and Salads

  • siao jhong yang tang
    3,90 €
    Lamb soup with day lilies / morels / goji berries / spring onions
  • shih ling ts‘ai t’ang
    3,50 €
    Vegetable soup of the day with meat broth / spring onions
  • ch’uan pei liang fen
    5,90 €
    Homemade glass noodles with cucumbers / chili Chen Chiang vinegar / ginger
  • cha chi p’ai
    4,90 €
    Crispy chicken steaks with a side salad
  • liang pan fu jhu
    4,90 €
    Yuba Salad – Folded tofu skin leaves made from soy milk / shallots / carrots / morels

Homemade Noodles

  • ma chiang pan mien
    8,20 €
    Wheat noodles with peanut sauce / soy sprouts / pak choi
  • hsiang la yu lien mien
    8,50 €
    Spring onions / soy germs / garlic / covered with hot oil
  • tan tan mien +
    9,50 €
    Wheat noodles with fried ground meat / pak choi / soy sprouts / cilantro / spring onions
  • cha chiang mien
    8,50 €
    Wheat noodles with fried ground meat / cucumber / carrots / soy sprouts / spring onions / black soybean sauce
  • suan la fen
    7,90 €
    Glass noodles with pak choi / peanuts / cilantro / soy sprouts / spring onions / vinegar
  • lao ma ch’au shou
    8,50 €
    Wonton soup with pork / pak choi / cilantro / spring onions / soy sprouts / ssi ch’uan pepper / pickled vegetables
  • yang mou p’ao mo
    9,80 €
    Lamb broth with bread cubes / glass noodles / morels / dried vegetables / goji berries / cilantro / spring onions
  • hung yu hun t’ung mien
    8,90 €
    Wonton soup with a pork filling / thin noodles / pak choi / pickled vegetables / ssi ch’uan pepper / soy sprouts / cilantro / spring onions

Beverages and Tea

  • Homemade Iced Tea
    3,40 €
  • Homemade Lemonade
    3,40 €
  • Homemade Fruit and Green Tea Iced Tea
    3,40 €
  • Ginger Goji Berry Tea
    3,20 €
  • Bio Bambus Tea
    2,60 €
  • Bio Green Tea
    2,60 €
  • Chinese Date & Honey Tea
    3,20 €

* Prices may vary

Contact Information

Das Nudel Ding

Kettenhofweg 64
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Reservations/Bookings  Phone: +49 69 97 78 38 86

Opening Hours

Mo. to Fr. and Sunday: 11.45am – 3pm and 5.30pm – 11pm (hot food till 10pm)

Sa.: 5.30pm – 11pm (hot food till 10pm)

About us

All about Noodles

Who invented noodles? The Chinese!

The oldest known traditional recipe for noodles comes from China, written on vellum; it is 4000 years old. Another piece of evidence from the same remote past was found in Lajia, a prehistoric village on the Huange Ye (Yellow) River in northwestern China, specifically a sealed stoneware bowl discovered during the excavations. It contains a kind of spaghetti that is only three millimeters wide and half a meter long; and it is made of proso millet and millet spray.

Today, Chinese noodles are made of wheat flour as a rule, and the taste of Chinese noodles differs from German or Italian pasta products. The taste is stronger and more succinct. In principle, the shape is always the same; namely long and mostly thin. Sometimes long and flat as well. As the starch content is higher, Chinese noodles are a little stickier than European noodles.

In the traditional cook-shops of China, you will find nimble-fingered noodle makers at work. They knead, roll, pull, and toss the dough for as long as it takes to achieve the right thickness and consistency. This works just as perfectly with cleverly designed noodle machines, but is less arduous. Thank goodness!

A success story

There is no way to say with any certainty how and with whose help noodles from China began their triumphant progression to Europe.  Although there is the legend that Marco Polo, the famous Venetian discoverer, introduced the noodle to Italy after his journey to China in the year 1295, yet Greeks and Romans had previously known noodles as well. Illustrations on the graves of the Etruscans from the fourth century B.C. show noodles and equipment, such as a sack of flour, a rolling pin or tongs. On the other hand, the Arabs were the first to hang noodles made of dough over lines to dry; thus inventing the non-perishable and portable noodle.

As interesting as the history of noodles may be, what counts today is that Das Nudel Ding offers authentic Chinese noodles in Frankfurt. Not 4000 years old, but always freshly made and always from our own production. Just like in one of the thousands of noodle bars in China.

About Das Nudel Ding

Das Nudel Ding brings China to Frankfurt

The general manager is a restaurant owner with passion. This has practically been her whole life. She acquired her skills in reputable restaurants in China and in Germany. For many years now, she has been self-employed.

Authentic Chinese cuisine. This is not only her passion, but also comprises knowledge and skill, which is her recipe for happiness that she would like to pass on to her guests.  To Chinese guests who want to eat as they do at home, as well as to all non-Chinese guests who do not want to travel to the Far East, but want to find culinary happiness in Frankfurt’s Westend district. More precisely in Das Nudel Ding. With a focus on noodle dishes, with noodles and sauces from the restaurant’s own production.

Regardless of whether you choose cooked or fried noodles, warm or cold noodle dishes, with meat, vegetarian, or vegan dishes: Nothing has been Europeanized or is an interpretation of Asia, but everything is genuinely Chinese. Namely traditional and authentic.

Why is this noodle bar so wonderful?

Because all noodles are not equal! What counts is the best ingredients without any additives, our own production, the consistency and shape, type of preparation, taste, and feeling in your mouth. Last but not least: the quality and the authenticity.

Because making noodles is an artisanal craft. With the right tools, and with a great deal of commitment. This is why just not any old noodle maker from anywhere was purchased, but one from the experts in China. In order to be a really 100% noodle expert, the general manager, even though she is an experienced restauranteur, underwent practical training. On site, in the “Land of Smiles” and of noodles!

Das Nudel Ding has many other ideas as well

They already exist in the general manager’s head, and they are going to be implemented gradually.  Of course, they will be related to noodles and Chinese cuisine. This is something that you will not want to miss!